"Develop your self confidence, improve your health, cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and body!"

Self Defence

With Self Defence classes women learn suitable self defence techniques to make them mentally and physically prepared in the presence of physical aggression while maintaining the ability to overcome any situation.

Our Self Defence workshop Is suitable for businesses, colleges, high schools, private groups and government entities. We visit our clients to conduct the self defence training onside at their offices or residences. The training can be a one time self defence workshop or weekly self defence training of to 8 weeks. We can customize the training to suit your needs please talk to our facilitators for further details about the programs

At the Self Defence we are a group of thorough professionals in defence techniques, came together to innovatively extend our services for the overall individual development. Based on the ancient and age old defence mechanism that empower humans, their mind body and spirit Our training content is divided into sessions, workshops short term and long term courses, certificate programs, focused and target training

Self Defence Child Development

the programs are designed to develop your children not only physically but also mentally Life skills are embedded to help prepare your child for life ahead.Teaching your child about focus, goal setting perseverance, respect and self control will help them learn to mark the right decisions life.

At Self Defence, we are a group of thorough professionals in Self defence techniques , came together to innovatively extend our services for and age old defence techniques we have developed methodologies that empower humans, their mind body and spirit. our training content is divided into sessions, workshop short term and long term courses, certificate programs, focused and target training. Our professional training encompasses all aspects relating to mind body and spirit of individuals from children women and men to professionals and celebrities

By learning how to defend themselves, you child will develop confidence in how handle life’s obstacles. Their confidence will give them the courage to say “no” to negative pressure they will encounter through their school and school and social lives. Defence techniques Arts will breed self confidence through the belt ranking system. As your child progresses

Your child will learn self control through respect, respect for themselves, parents, friends and teachers. Your child will learn that in order to receive respect, you first have to given it. Once they have learnt this lesson, their self control will naturally increase

Discipline is needed in all aspects of life and at all ages. There will be times where we must perform an action, whether we feel like it or not. Your child will learn the etiquette and practices of Defence techniques, practices that can be translated to other areas of their life

Through step by step repetitive movements, personal attention, positive reinforcement, adherence to rules, group reinforcement and a sense of belonging, your child will see improvements in their ability to focus at tasks given.

Through the belt ranking system, your child will learn what is needed for them to successfully move to higher belt ranks. By learning this, your child will be able to set their goals and successfully achieve it through their training.

As a culmination of the previous benefits of defence techniques – self confidence, self control, discipline, focus and goal achievement comes leadership. All the about mentioned traits are attributes of a leader. Speaking in front of a group and communicate effectively, setting good examples for others, mentoring lower ranks to succeed, these are all qualities of a leader